yShaders: For Low-End computers and Macs

October 22, 2022

yShaders: For Low-End computers and Macs

Sometimes you play Minecraft and wonder : “When will this game have bright sunshine through trees and things have beautiful shadow ?”. yShaders mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10 is your best answer.

Most of nowadays games have shaders, so why don't Minecraft have it ? With this powerful mod, it will fix this problem easily. yShaders mod does something few other mods do by optimizing Minecraft's shaders and adding performance enhancements.

Let's take a look, this beautiful Minecraft World after install this mod …
Despite of the fact that Minecraft is such a low resolution game in general, this mod will make you feel comfortable with bright and sparkling sunshine…

If you have a low-end computer and afraid that your PC can't even run Minecraft, don't worry !!! This yShaders mod can get Minecraft to look pretty fantastic without even adding a graphics card to your computer.
Imagine that one day you've just find out your shadow after hundred hours playing Minecraft, it's pretty amazing !!

This yShaders mod also adds new color filter, a new shader for water and a lot of weather effects. Even though this mod made for older computers, but it still works normally with newer computers.