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Clearing a mountain?

I finally built a floating island for my house, I used so much cobble smelting and it’s located above a large mountain for now. For it to be finally seen in all its glory, I just want to get rid of the whole mountain. Is it quicker to break it by hand with efficiency III

Help with Minecraft 1.14

So on my Minecraft server, I had an idea to have, for example an emerald block, have a 1/500 chance of dropping a rare item (it’s a renamed firework star, whatever). Then I could use this rare item in custom crafting recipes for infused items or custom pickaxes or whatever. I know that in 1.14,

Minecraft 1.14 McMMO

1.14 Support Added Cats, Foxes, and Pandas to Taming XP rewards Added Cats, Foxes, Pandas, Trader Llamas, Pillagers, and Ravagers to Combat XP rewards “Experience” section of experience.yml has been renamed to “Experience_Values” Dodge now gives 800 XP Roll now gives 600 XP Fall now gives 600 XP The first 5/50 levels of skills now