Lucky Block Blue Mod

December 4, 2022

Lucky Block Blue Mod

Have you ever played the orginial Lucky Block mod ? The new Lucky Block Blue mod is worth for you to check out. This mod adds a lot of new surprise things while giving the lucky block a little bit of a facelift. Lucky Block Blue adds to the original one with new items such as spawnmobs and a brand new color, now the blocks are BLUE. In older version of this mod, you can have the items you need by mining the Lucky Block and hope it will appear somethings that surprises you, but in this new version, it more than just items, it's animals, monsters, or even structures are coming.

From fireworks to giants mob, from diamonds to sticks, the Lucky Block Blue will bring to you an exciting moment everytime you mine it.
Everytime, you will have a question. What might it be ? Valuable metals just like diamonds ? Or player could be killed immediately by an Enderdragon spawn ? The best feature of this mod is the random nature could appear of the lucky block.

To break lucky block, you must handed a pickaxe to get the intended effect. On the other hand, the block will break but it won't appear anything. And remember, you need to be craful about pushing your luck, because everything is not what it seems >:) !

After install this new version of Lucky Block Blue mod, we hope you will have a great time with this.