Lots of Food Mod

December 17, 2022

Lots of Food Mod

Have you ever thought about a real restaurant in Minecraft World? It seems kind of silly that a random author put real time and hard-working into creating a mod which allows players to eat many kinds of food.

Lots of Food mod definitely is the best mod for FOODAHOLIC in Minecraft. This mod offering players a host of brand new food items to enjoy. It's pretty easy to get full when playing Minecraft, but in this mod, there are some food could bring secondary effects on the player.

Example, candy will give players a random potion effect for about five seconds, or eating peppers, players could be burned unless they do so under rain or in water. In this mod, there are two new items : chocolate and caramel. As you know, sugar is a major ingredient in making many of the new foods. Each of three items can be crafted into a block – this is a special feature of Lots of Food mod – which allows players keeping massive quantities of these food much more efficient.

If you wonder how to do this, it's very similar to the process used to create iron, gold, … all you need to do is crafting table window with chocolate, caramel or sugar and fill it.

These food blocks could be used to craft fences and stairs of many types. Players who always feeling hungry , just kidding :)), looking to exercise their culinary skills in Minecraft, Lots of Food is worth to check out.