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Best minecraft servers!

Minecraft is blowing up again, since a lot of people are looking for games they can play while they’re stuck at home. So these are my 5 favorite minecraft servers in no particular order : Purple PrisonThis just might be the best server for Minecraft Prison out there. It has tons of custom made content

Shaders Mod

Minecraft players become tired and bored after day by day playing with the flat and unrealistic shades, other lighting effects in original Minecraft. This GLSL Shaders mod by karyonix is all you need to change the whole world of Minecraft. It’s a perfect addition to the game. It’s not only easy to install and working

Lots of Food Mod

Have you ever thought about a real restaurant in Minecraft World? It seems kind of silly that a random author put real time and hard-working into creating a mod which allows players to eat many kinds of food. Lots of Food mod definitely is the best mod for FOODAHOLIC in Minecraft. This mod offering players

Lucky Block Blue Mod

Have you ever played the orginial Lucky Block mod ? The new Lucky Block Blue mod is worth for you to check out. This mod adds a lot of new surprise things while giving the lucky block a little bit of a facelift. Lucky Block Blue adds to the original one with new items such

Naelego’s Cel Shaders Mod

Have you ever played a series game called “Borderland” ? If you already played it, maybe you still remember the reason why that game become so popular and get the prize “Game of the Year”, right? It’s about the quality of graphic which it brings to players. And now, with this Naelego’s Cel Shaders mod,