Best minecraft servers!

January 23, 2023

Best minecraft servers!

Minecraft is blowing up again, since a lot of people are looking for games they can play while they're stuck at home. So these are my 5 favorite minecraft servers in no particular order :

- Purple Prison

This just might be the best server for Minecraft Prison out there. It has tons of custom made content and a huge community built around it. Many people refer to it as the ultimate Minecraft prison server and I'm inclined to agree with them, seeing how well they're their server is going, they must be doing something right.

- ExtremeCraft

While Purple Prison focuses mainly on the prison side of minecraft, ExtremeCraft covers the whole spectrum. You can find the skyblock challenges, the battle royale, you can build your dream houses in survival or creative modes, you can play Factions, the list just goes on and on. It's also quite well moderated and the admins are extremely responsive, heh get it ?

- ManaCube

ManaCube is quite an older server, however that doesn't make it obsolete quite yet. It started as early as 2013 and in the mean time managed to attract a decent size community, thats pretty active throught the years. An all around decent server.

- LemonCloud

This server runs pretty much all the game modes, From skyblock to survival. They keep it fresh however by doing regular events that keep the players engaged and playing, where on other servers they might have gotten bored and left.

- Bedwars

While the server is named for their favorite game mode, they do run other modes as well. There are plenty of offbeat additions to the original game that sets it apart from their competition. They even started a mode called City Life, that's based on the older sims games.

These are my 5 favorite servers that I keep coming back to. However there's always new ones popping up so I like to keep my ear to the ground and I found this minecraft servers list, to be especially helpful doing that.