Shaders Mod

Minecraft players become tired and bored after day by day playing with the flat and unrealistic shades, other lighting effects in original Minecraft. This GLSL Shaders mod by karyonix is all you need to change the whole world of Minecraft. It’s a perfect addition to the game. It’s not only easy to install and working normally with a great deal of other mods, but it also allow for smooth lighting, shadows and upgrade many many nice effect to Minecraft, even the reflection of the water.

This mod will bring a brand new look to Minecraft which could make you so surprised. Many mods could totally break the game when you use them, but this mod won’t, so this is a nice touch. The problem is, players will need a high-end computer with a powerful graphic card to render the lighting effect and beautiful textures when Shaders mode is enabled.

Users are recommended to use Minecraft Forge or FML to make installation of this mod become easier. Last but not least, you should also be on the lookout for the GLSL Shaders to make this mod work normally. Overall, if you want to improve the visuals of Minecraft World, you should check out this mod, it’s worth a try!