Minecraft 1.14 McMMO

1.14 Support
Added Cats, Foxes, and Pandas to Taming XP rewards
Added Cats, Foxes, Pandas, Trader Llamas, Pillagers, and Ravagers to Combat XP rewards
“Experience” section of experience.yml has been renamed to “Experience_Values”
Dodge now gives 800 XP
Roll now gives 600 XP
Fall now gives 600 XP

The first 5/50 levels of skills now give large amounts of XP so players get key early skills much faster
Note: First 5 in Standard, first 50 in Retro

Dev Notes:
I will be making a write up soon explaining near future plans for mcMMO and what is going on with the config update, abstraction update, etc…
Currently this version of mcMMO will work on both 1.13 and 1.14, in the abstraction update I will expand compatible versions of mcMMO to include: 1.14 / 1.13.2 / 1.12.2 / 1.8.8 / Sponge 1.14
It is not necessary to update your configs if you are upgrading from 1.13 -> 1.14, however if you had custom XP values in your experience.yml you will want to update your config.
Acrobatics XP was buffed since many AFK counter-measures were put into place to prevent repetitive grinding.
Experience node in experience.yml was renamed to “automatically” update configs for the new stuff 1.14
There are 4 updates planned for mcMMO, including a patreon rewards update, a large content update, a config update, and backwards compatibility for 1.13/1.12/1.8.8 and support for Sponge